Christian Ed

Christian Ed
St. John's and Immanuel offer several opportunities for families to grow in God’s Word and in the love of our Savior:

Sunday School—Both congregations conduct Sunday morning classes for our children from age 4 through the 8th grade. The children learn Bible stories using our WELS’ “Christ-Light” program.

Catechism Class—Our 6th through 8th graders meet Wednesday afternoons for instruction in Bible truths from Luther’s Small Catechism. This class prepares our young people for responsible church membership and the proper reception of the Lord's Supper.

Bible Information Class—This 20 lesson program examines the teachings of Holy Scripture and prepares individuals for communicant membership in our congregations.

Bible Studies—Our Sunday morning Bible class considers various teachings of God’s Word for spiritual growth and comfort. The Wednesday morning Bible class digs deep into the books of the Bible. 

Vacation Bible School—One week each summer our children from age 4 through the 8th grade gather to learn more about Jesus from his Word, sing songs, play games and do handicraft projects.